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Located in the South East Asian region, Indonesia boasts an amicable climatic condition for the growth of various species of flowers across her archipelago.Our geographical location provides a heavenly home for amongst them, beautiful & widely coveted families of orchid flowers such as Phalaenopsis & Dendrobium genus which is origin to Indonesia, also exotic flowers such as Anthurium genus, wide variety of Roses to elegant flowers such as Ivy.Realizing these advantages, our companies PT Ekakarya Graha Flora are determined to seize this opportunity & fulfillour potential to become the largest grower & seller of those flowers mentioned above, in our homeland.
To ensure quality, we know that having sufficient facilities is a definite prerequisite. Therefore we invest heavily on sectors crucial for meeting our aims in this particular area.Our companies operate active labs involving highly qualified teams of staffs, researchers & floriculturist who are dedicated & passionate about their professions.They are recruited from Japan, China & also locally to ensure that our flowers meet the importing countries standards.